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Our Story

Market Enginuity, formerly Public Radio Partners, is a privately owned business that specializes in all facets of local corporate support. Guided by public media values, we evaluate and leverage underwriting opportunities that can provide the most significant revenue for local markets through two divisions: Enginuity Outsourcing and Enginuity Workshop.

Enginuity Outsourcing

Jim Taszarek, Jr., and Kirk Nelson operate Enginuity Outsourcing, which provides outsourced underwriting sales departments to public broadcasting stations. In calendar year 2014, the Enginuity Outsourcing team of more than 75 representatives generated $34 million in underwriting revenue for its client stations.

Enginuity Workshop

Marlene Schneider oversees Enginuity Workshop. Enginuity Workshop orchestrates collaboration among stations to expedite new local revenue initiatives to market, multiplying wins for all collaborators whether they are down the hall or across the country. Enginuity Workshop also perpetuates the legacy of services that Marlene has provided in local underwriting consultation for public media clients: underwriting audits for individual stations and research projects for the public media industry. Two national organizations, Greater Public and PBS have relied on Marlene’s leadership and expertise:

Collaborative Origin

Enginuity Workshop emerged from a collaboration between Public Radio Partners and Marlene Schneider (formerly of Revenue Solutions) to re-tool member benefits programs to provide incremental underwriting revenue. With common philosophies and visions for new revenue possibilities in local corporate support, the collaboration fit naturally. A successful beta launch of the program at three stations solidified the partnership and Enginuity Workshop was born as a separate division of Market Enginuity in the spring of 2010.

Our Beginning as Public Radio Partners

Many of Market Enginuity's sales systems and marketing approaches are built upon research generated from PRI's Public Radio Underwriting Partnership (PRUP). Backed by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1997, the PRUP mission was to discover those best practices of commercial broadcasters that could possibly increase public radio underwriting. A strict project requisite was that any underwriting gains could not compromise the letter and spirit of the public radio environment.

Nominated to spearhead the project was Jim Taszarek, Sr., a veteran, successful commercial broadcaster. Throughout 1997-1999 Taszarek ("Taz") visited ten stations that had been pre-selected in the CPB grant. After six months of both intense study and meetings with scores of station personnel, he produced a series of recommendations and workshops that were projected to increase local corporate contributions. The results were so successful that one CPB official noted that it was "some of the best money CPB ever spent."

One of the beta stations in PRUP was KJZZ/KBACH. In 1999, General Manager Carl Matthusen sought further corporate underwriting increases, and chose an innovative tactic. He outsourced the sales function to Jim Taszarek, Jr., and so began a partnership that hiked underwriting revenues for KJZZ/KBACH 50% in the first two years.

The relationship gave Public Radio Partners its name, so-to-speak, and a reputation that piqued interest from other public radio stations to explore similar outsourced sales arrangements.