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Enginuity Workshop

Case Study

Enginuity Workshop leverages existing membership program to generate new revenue.


During the recession of 2009, underwriting departments sought resourceful and inventive ways to build revenue. Many stations have a member card program that involves businesses as benefit providers, yet misses opportunities to monetize underwriting from it.


Enginuity Workshop teamed up membership and underwriting departments at three of our Outsourced client stations to improve existing member card programs and re-launch them during fall '09 drives, Cincinnati Public Radio, KPLU and Capital Public Radio. For the first time, the program offered benefit-providers sponsorship positions.


Key improvements served the station, members and businesses.

Success at these three stations has lead to the formation of a station advisory group that will continue to shape the branded program. Stay tuned to our news events—we intend to make the program available to all stations for fall 2010!


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