Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing

Inventory Management

Growing your local news staff... Launching a new initiative… Enhancing your digital presence... Regardless of your goal, maximizing your station inventory will provide an efficient, effective revenue stream to bring it to fruition.

How does your current underwriting staff define sell-out?

How you define sell-out could be the difference between increasing your underwriting revenue 12% or 20% next year.

Using your existing avails, the Enginuity Outsourcing inventory management system includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual analysis to ensure underwriting works effectively for your station. The Enginuity Outsourcing system cycles through key elements in each market:


Based on analysis from this sophisticated process, Enginuity Outsourcing generates pricing strategies to sell the greatest amount of total station inventory, at the highest price, but also offer reasonable opportunities for multiple classes of underwriters. Expect to hear diverse businesses voicing support for your station throughout the day and evening, throughout the week and year.

Expect to sell out all day-parts, Monday through Sunday, throughout the year—and cover the budget for your station's next big initiative—through the Enginuity Outsourcing inventory management system.