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Enginuity Outsourcing

Partnership FAQs

Enginuity Outsourcing specializes in underwriting sales as a local and seamless extension of your station—ensuring your station receives maximum revenue from an under-utilized resource. You can focus on the reasons for your station’s success: thoughtful programming, member development, maintaining strong relationships with your licensees, and expanding your audience.

How does a partnership with an outside entity reduce my level of heartburn?

Because you pay Enginuity Outsourcing a fixed commission on net sales, the risks of investment in new salespeople and the cost of turnover transfer to Enginuity Outsourcing. Your station pays Enginuity Outsourcing only for revenue generated, motivating us to increase your underwriting sales. To do so, Enginuity Outsourcing creates a compensation and reward system that encourages high performance, is competitive within your market, and might otherwise be problematic for a licensee’s administration.


What happens to my existing sales staff?

We work to retain your best sales people because Enginuity Outsourcing understands that successful underwriting requires a strong relationship between the corporate supporter and the station. The salesperson serves as the linchpin in that equation. We augment your best staff with bright new hires that love public media.


Do you work in our offices?

Based on individual station requirements, staff can work in-house, in a satellite office or off-site. Enginuity Outsourcing and the station negotiate work-site requirements based on the station’s optimum operational set-up.


How will our underwriting copy sound?

Enginuity Outsourcing takes a conservative approach to copy. Training and copy-writing rules follow FCC guidelines, industry recommendations and individual station requirements. Station personnel always approve copy prior to airing. See sidebar at right for examples.


How are you paid?

We are paid a commission on net billings. If billing reaches 120 days uncollected, monies are refunded back to the station.


Who invoices and collects from underwriters?

Stations retain responsibility for invoicing, and payment goes directly to your accounts receivable department. Sales staff is responsible for ensuring payment is made in a timely and professional manner.


How much net revenue can I expect during the first year?

Historically, Enginuity Outsourcing’s hiring, training and inventory management have resulted in average growth rates of more than 20% – though factors like market size, management team and station profile all affect performance.


If the relationship with Market Enginuity is not working, is there an escape clause?

Enginuity Outsourcing includes language in our standard agreements allowing for either party to discontinue and transition out of the relationship, once every reasonable attempt has been made to rectify the situation.


“We have realized that we don't spend as much time worrying and managing underwriting as we did before.  This frees us to work on other areas.”

---Carl Pedersen, V.P. of Finance and Technology, WPLN, Nashville