Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing


Enginuity Outsourcing increases your underwriting revenue through professional sales and inventory management. As specialists in corporate underwriting, Enginuity Outsourcing releases your station and its development staff from the challenges of sales recruitment, training, retention and compensation. You can focus on what you do best: Serving your community with a top-notch public media service.

Partnership FAQ

A local underwriting staff, transference of HR risks and relinquishment of operating expenditures characterize the framework of your partnership with Enginuity Outsourcing. Expect fewer headaches from the day-to-day responsibilities of running a sales staff, and more time to focus on program and development initiatives for your station. While each partnership is tailored according to your specific needs, answers to some common questions illustrate its basic structure. Visit the Partnership FAQ page »

Transition to Action

Expect immediate action to integrate the underwriting department with all station departments… Expect clear and swift strategies to transform your corporate underwriting into a powerful revenue stream… when your sales department begins the transition to the Enginuity Outsourcing management system. Visit the Transition to Action page »

“The Enginuity Outsourcing sales team has been a remarkable addition to KUT. The transition was seamless; the results amazing, they "get" public radio, and they even help out in the phone room during pledge drives. What's not to love!”

---Hawk Mendenhall, Program Director, KUT, Austin

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