Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing


Part of our vision is to attract the best people; those who are self-motivated by their passion for public broadcasting, and inherently driven to produce optimal results for corporate underwriting. Sounds like a good plan, but where do we find these winners and how can we tell from an interview or two that they will produce? Once hired, how do we ensure success and decrease turnover?

Enginuity Outsourcing relies on systems to recruit, train and retain a sales force who shares your ideals. Expect your sales staff to portray your station to the business community as a dynamic, cultural and educational institution, free of commercial constraints and deserving of thoughtful support.


Enginuity Outsourcing subscribes to Mornell's Maxim: “The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.” You will not worry about finding, vetting and hiring the best sales people because Enginuity Outsourcing has established a proven recruiting system to ascertain enthusiasts of public media who display predictors of future success.

Our recruiting system:


Enginuity Outsourcing provides the tools and know-how to ensure individual success. You will not dread the possibility of hearing an inappropriate business or a blatant sales pitch during a station break because Enginuity Outsourcing trains your sales staff in an intensive, ongoing manner on fundamental marketing and public media principles.


You will not be concerned about coddling the egos of flaky salespeople in hopes of keeping them on board because Enginuity Outsourcing assumes the risk of human resource management, compensation and retention for your sales staff.

Our management system:


You will not wonder whether your sales staff is staying current with industry trends or even keeping apace within your market because Enginuity Outsourcing taps its resources at leading stations to develop and improve its sales force constantly.

Expect to develop stronger relationships with civic, cultural and business leaders, accomplished by a thoughtful, motivated underwriting staff.


The Right Fit

A selection process anchored in behavior
"The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior."
—Mornell's Maxim
  • Analyze the best reps to define successful behaviors and motivators
  • Pre-screen and then interview for examples of successful behavior
  • Hire the best

A Winning Combination

Great sales behavior + a passion for public media