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Enginuity Outsourcing


Accountability defines how we work. So, we publish our performance here every quarter.

Total Net Revenue
FY 2015 - Jan-Mar
FY 2015 - Oct-Dec
FY 2015 - Jul-Sep
FY 2014
FY 2013

* Billing performance compared to prior year for stations represented 12 months or more.

In the January through March quarter, average station revenue growth was 9.4% with the highest performing station achieving 35% growth. The 35% growth is from a station that we have been representing for 18 months. Overall, ten stations were up in the quarter and 2 stations were down. The April through June quarter is also strong.

These performance benchmarks only include stations that we have represented for more than one year so that the numbers aren't artificially high because of strong growth in markets that we just began representing. We also take out any increase in revenue in a current market that has added a station.

Case Studies

"Strategic outsourcing can provide an organization a competitive differential if performed to excellence.”

---Howard Smith & Peter Fingar, Business Process Management, The Third Wave