Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing


Accountability defines how we work. So, we publish our performance here every quarter.

Total Net Revenue
FY 2014
FY 2014 - Apr-Jun
FY 2014 - Jan-Mar
FY 2014 - Oct-Dec
FY 2014 - Jul-Sep

* Billing performance compared to prior year for stations represented 12 months or more.

In the April to June quarter, average station revenue growth was 5.8%. For the July to June fiscal year, average station revenue growth was 4.4% with the highest performing station achieving 24% growth. It's also shaping up to be a good summer with 6% growth in June.


Case Studies

"Strategic outsourcing can provide an organization a competitive differential if performed to excellence.”

---Howard Smith & Peter Fingar, Business Process Management, The Third Wave