Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing

Revenue Systems

Underwriting can't operate without great salespeople or a command of the station's inventory. Enginuity Outsourcing capitalizes on these vital levers by systematically managing basic reports and information and connecting them in unique ways, assembling a holistic approach to maximize revenue potential. Guided by our Revenue Systems and a commitment to protecting the non-commercial format, we forecast, adapt to changes, and mobilize station inventory into messages of corporate support that fit into the landscape of public broadcasting.


Expect more time to focus on new development initiatives because your sales staff generates funding—not headaches. You can rely on Enginuity Outsourcing's HR systems to deploy an underwriting staff with successful relationship-building behavior, provide tools to encourage the right behavior, and reward behavior .MORE »


How your inventory behaves is just as important as how people behave--- It could mean the difference between increasing your underwriting revenue 12% next year or 20% next year. Enginuity Outsourcing has supply and demand laws down to a science to predict and price effectively. Expect to sell out all day-parts, Monday through Sunday, throughout the year. Expect more revenue to cover the budget for your station's next big thing, because corporate underwriting is delivering maximum returns for your available inventory. MORE »


Expect to please your listeners with clean, elegant messages of corporate support for the high-quality, noncommercial programming your station provides. Expect to enhance your reach into the community through productive partnerships with corporate underwriters who embrace the merits of local NPR and PBS. As stewards of the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting, uncompromising its integrity constitutes the way our systems operate, from recruitment to inventory use, copywriting to prospecting underwriters. MORE »


"Along with People and Inventory, Enginuity has a third business lever and that's their performance management system.  It's their performance management system that really makes Enginuity Outsourcing a success for stations – freeing management to focus on public service and development.”

---Stewart Vanderwilt, Director & General Manager, KUT, Austin