Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Outsourcing

Transition to Action

What should my station expect from this transition?

Expect a swift and seamless conversion of your underwriting department into a new, vital revenue stream. Enginuity Outsourcing customizes its approach to fit each unique station and the character of its market to ensure early and sustaining success.

What happens before Enginuity Outsourcing walks in the door?

We conduct a "Systems Check" to review the performance of commercial radio and television in your market. Using that benchmark we determine goals for public radio and television performance within that market. We ensure the retention and training of your best salespeople and begin recruitment and training of local new hires.

With realistic goals established and the right people in place to achieve them we prepare for greatness.

Lift-Off —Readying the underwriting staff for action

Gaining Altitude —Maximizing underwriting growth opportunities

Exploration —Developing new ideas to further deepen corporate relationships

Generating challenge grants... Finding production support for station initiatives... Locating sponsors to offset the cost of special events... Cultivating relationships between local underwriters and station leadership, boards... Enginuity Outsourcing aligns itself with all station department heads and leverages its strong relationships with your corporate underwriters to help you achieve your station's goals.


“I was somewhat skeptical at first but I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make the transition and by how motivated our existing staff became afterwards. I didn’t expect so much market analysis and the "special packages" that help move inventory during the slower months.  I have been extremely pleased with how the Enginuity Outsourcing employees interact with WPLN staff.  It’s one of the smartest business decisions we have made.”

---Evelyn Roberts, Accounting Manager, WPLN, Nashville


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