Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Workshop


Lean on the expertise of Enginuity Workshop to help you work smarter. Your specific needs determine the depth and type of consultation required. Generally, Enginuity Workshop conducts:

Underwriting assessments for stations

Let underwriting experts conduct a top to bottom audit and analysis of your corporate support business practices and revenue performance. Expect a thorough examination of missed opportunities and growth potential.  Our recommendations for targeted areas of improvement will provide a roadmap to help you reach your goals.

Inventory Evaluation and coaching

Your on-air inventory is a lever to your revenue success.  We can evaluate your current inventory use and give you proven, performance-based inventory management strategies and processes for predictable and sustainable revenue.

New Manager Training

Our on-boarding strategies help a new corporate sponsorship sales manager hit the ground running.  Whether you've hired from within public media or from the outside, we can ensure the success of your new manager, quickly.

Research Projects for the Public Media Industry

Enginuity Workshop has a track record of conducting high profile research in underwriting practices, from the PBS Best Practices in Local Corporate Support study to the DEI Category Study, we approach research as a tool to help stations maximize revenue. Expect smooth and meticulous oversight to keep the research project on time and on budget.

"After coming over to management from the sales side at WBEZ in Chicago, I was looking for some kind of clarity around understanding current inventory levels and how to better forecast revenues based on future inventory analysis.  Kirk, Marlene and the team from Market Enginuity opened my eyes and, quite frankly, allowed me to sleep better at night, by providing straight-forward, easy to understand tools to get a clear, detailed understanding of how to effectively manage the station’s sellable inventory in order to accomplish the short and long term financial goals of my department.  I would highly recommend Kirk’s approach to anyone responsible for inventory management from large stations to small."
---Paul Friedman, Director of Corporate Sponsorship & Business Development, WBEZ, Chicago