Expect more net revenue to better serve your community.

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Enginuity Workshop

Revenue Initiatives

Enginuity Workshop creates new revenue initiatives that align with the noncommercial spirit of public broadcasting, while providing meaningful marketing partnerships between your station and corporate supporters. By tapping into this independent resource, stations can defray the time, energy and capital it costs to pursue initiatives alone. Collaborate with your peers, industry leaders and field specialists to expedite new local revenue initiatives to market, multiplying wins for all collaborators. 


Publink offers your station the technology and social media tools to create a program that engages your station’s community of supporters. Listeners find places that match their interests, suggest places and share their finds. Businesses and organizations gain new paths to valuable customers. Cutting edge technology makes the experience accessible, inviting and efficient for your audience to interact, as well as your staff to manage.

Working with stations in a flexible and co-operative manner, Enginuity Workshop provides stations with the technology, tools, training and collective wisdom to customize the kind of program that best fits your station’s goals and brand.

The Publink model presents mobile monetization strategies and affinity marketing opportunities. Harness its flexibility⎯ the complete Publink offering can be unbundled to ensure your program meets your community needs and syncs with existing programs within your station.